Poker has been played for nearly 200 years, and today it has many varieties and millions of fans around the world. All types of poker games are a bit different, but free Texas Hold’em is the most popular type of this game.

The player forms his hands from two hidden pocket cards and two cards dealt to the table. In a no-limit Texas Hold’em one can lose very large sums of money quickly. Fortunately, an immersive gaming experience can be enjoyed by playing online for free without the slightest deposit. Our demo games take players to world-class gaming tables. While online free Texas Hold’em practice may not bring the player large sums, the excitement and good gaming experience will certainly guarantee a lot of fun.

Free Texas Hold’em applications

Statistically, most players on the go, even those, who are not fond of card games, download poker (TX Hold’em mostly), and play it with pleasure. Some of them (later) become devoted Hold’em fans, play for real money, participate in tournaments, and even become famous winners.

Nowadays, free Texas Hold’em apps are available at Google Play and AppStore. If the first store (for Android users) started to offer players free poker games from the very start, AppStore chose another way.

Originally Apple released Texas Hold’em for the iPod as early as 2006, and for the iPhone and iPod in 2008 when the App Store opened but removed the app in 2011. However, now, Texas Hold’em is back with a revamped version to download from the App Store. The look of the application changed for the better, new characters were added. All this stuff made the game more challenging and took the graphics to a new level. Besides, if previously, Texas Hold’em was a paid app, now the version is available for free download. The game is quite large and heavy, but it does not scare true fans of poker. In the original, first version of Texas Hold’em, one can play against 24 computer opponents or alternatively against up to 8 friends on the same Wi-Fi network.

However, the simplest Texas Hold’em versions (for Android users) are more familiar to all people, including even those, who choose other types of applications and who are indifferent to card games. These are:

  • WSOP free Texas Hold’em;
  • PartyPoker;
  • PokerStars;
  • Zynga, etc.

All of these applications let a user play in a no-money mode and bet using cash as well.

Texas Hold’em with multiplayer function for free

Some sites offer to play Texas Hold’em free with multiplayer function at their own casino, but one can also play poker for fun or even real money in his own app. Usually, a player can join almost all types of poker events, from Sit and Go tournaments to larger tournaments on their own phone and tablet. There are also various entertainment applications in which, for example, anyone can enjoy poker with his friends.

The usage of these free Texas Hold’em apps foresees no-money and real-money games including great tournaments. For instance, Apple devices’ users can monitor everything on iOS phones and iPads by downloading the World Series of Poker — WSOP app. The apps, mentioned above, also foresee multiplayer mode.


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