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Bingo! Alternative and Last-Minute Office Parties This Christmas

While a lot of Christmas parties might already be planned - or might have even taken place for those looking to get the festivities started early - some are still undecided on what to do and where to go, and others will be left high and dry by double-bookings and cancellations leaving them with nowhere to go and little or no time to plan it.

Fear not, for help is at hand. Sometimes the simplest events to organise are the best with so little to go wrong and so few rules to follow in terms of meetings times, dates and clothing and one of the best examples - and events to do as a group of friends and colleagues - is bingo.

Some of the venues and websites listed on the Two Big Ladies site (a specialist bingo comparison website), offer great packages as groups and on an individual basis helping you to have fun and maybe even win some money along the way, in some cases huge sums of cash just in time for Christmas.

Before you think bingo isn’t the most exciting or sociable of activities when compared with a pub crawl or a meal in a fancy restaurant, let me just stop you and let you into a little secret. Many of the bingo halls around the UK in particular offer full catering facilities so that you can go along and grab a bite to eat before, during or after your games, and many have bars too so you can get yourselves thoroughly into the festive spirit.

Some games offer substantial payouts so that you have the chance to pocket some much-needed money at Christmas time, but an idea to run by those going could be to split any winnings equally or put them all into a pot that goes towards another team night out, (or you keep it and pay off some bills!)

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