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Mythbusting: You DO Win at Online Bingo

When you hear about people playing online games, especially those relating to gambling in one way or another, alarm bells start to ring. A lot of people who have never played games online are skeptical of doing so because they believe nobody actually wins these automated games with unbelievable cash jackpots, and their friends and family should follow their lead and avoid them like the plague.

However, while that may have been true in the early days when many were flaunting the system and ripping off customers with offers they were never going to win, the online gaming industry is under much tighter restrictions today - especially now so many are in the public eye.

Whether you’re looking on a comparison site like Best Offers Bingo or you’re watching your favourite programme on the television, you’re likely to see far more bingo and online gaming companies than ever before, and that’s because the industry is thriving - thanks to increased availability and more REAL PEOPLE winning the jackpots, dispelling the myth that nobody ever wins.

To prove it, here are a selection of winners with the quotations taken from actual sites (as attributed):

“I will put my winnings towards mine and my husband’s trip to Barbados to renew our wedding vows”, (tombola.com)

“I thought I was dreaming at first, I had to keep checking it. Only after an hour did I really start to believe it!”, (meccabingo.com)

Each game you play on an online bingo website MUST have a winner. There are no rollovers and no “house always wins” type of comments that you get with online casinos and other forms of gambling like sports betting because, simply, the ‘house’ doesn’t play bingo!

Now you might say that it’s very easy for a site to fabricate the so-called “winners stories” on their websites, but, as mentioned, there are now much tighter regulations in place that all companies have to abide by or they can be heavily fined by the authorities.

Only those that are illegitimate would try to rip their customers off, and you won’t find any of those sites in the comparison websites so be sure to check through all of the details on the likes of Best Offers Bingo so you can see for yourself how secure and how high the quality of the site is before you risk losing anything. Good luck!

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